Friday, August 14, 2009

Couldja help a sister out???

Hello readers! I have a favor to ask. We have a new Trader Joe's in our area and I think the best source of info is from customers. Since you guys are creative, I assume you enjoy good food.
What have you tried at Trader Joe's that you love? I have a short list here to share with you.

I love the:

pad thai (in a Chinese food container)

spaghetti sauce

CORN SALSA (tomato-less)

CHOCOLATE CROISSANTS (in the freezer section) recommended to me by a french couple that I met These Are AWESOME!!

Nut cookies

My kids love the chocolate kitty cookies (they are low fat)

I like the Shiraz ($3 a bottle)

I would so appreciate it if you could comment if you have a fav to share! Thanks!!!!!

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