Sunday, October 28, 2007

Surprise Birthday, No Wedding Party

My big brother got married today in a very intimate ceremony. It was also a surprise ceremony (to the bride). They had rings, and had gone to the courthouse, but this was the actual ceremony.

I hope that you all have the closeness and love for your siblings that I have with my brothers and sister. Although we are all different, we love each other dearly, and good times are to be had whenver we get together. I love my new sister in law too!

Life is hard, and family makes it so much better.

Anyway, I made this card using the Papertrey cake set. I really struggled with the layout, so kept it simple. I like the new flower embellishment from Papertrey, too. I adhered it with double-sided tape, and it's completely invisible.

I forgot to mention that it's my SILs birthday today, too, so I was in a hurry to snap the pic.

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Shannon McGann said...

This is beautiful! So delicate and pretty. I love it!